Official England MMA Kit 2019

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English Mixed Martial Arts Association have partnered with Hard Life Fight wear ( for the upcoming 2019 IMMAF World Chsmpionship

The Hardlife Brand

We believe winning is a state of mind, that embraces everything we do.  Hardlife is built upon core values of quality, innovation and a fantastic buying experience for all our customers.  We provide premium products from a trusted brand that is unique within the Fightwear sector, empowering our customers by fuelling their athletic performance.


  1. Quality – we set our standards high and aim to exceed
  2. Detail – Little things mean a lot
  3. Innovation – we set the trend and break the norm
  4. Service – customer satisfaction is our goal
  5. Trust – buy in complete confidence, every time

The Hard Life brand has gained significant recognition to date and is worn by many of the MMA and Jiu Jitsu scene’s top athletes.  Click here to see some of our sponsored fighters and their achievements.

2019 Team T-Shirt
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